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About us

Our Vision & Values

Our vision is ‘Everyone Exceptional Every day’ and this, together with our mission statement.
‘To enable our students and staff to achieve their best’ drives our ethos.
Our values are:
Respect: recognise, understand and celebrate differences.
Integrity: truth and honesty in all we do in and out of the academy.
Team Work: work together effectively and efficiently.
Aspiration: be the best you can be.

Our Trust Vision

Our Trust vision has school improvement at its heart that will benefit all children in Trust schools.
We aim to:
  • Develop an effective partnership of schools that share a commitment to raising standards.
  • Strengthen the partnership by valuing the uniqueness of each school and expecting all schools to contribute.
  • Foster relationships based on mutual respect with a balance of autonomy and accountability.
  • Share expertise – both best practice and best practitioners.
  • Develop all teachers and leaders through effective professional development.
This Trust vision drives both our School Improvement Strategy and our Strategy for Growth.
Our mantra across our partnerships embraces the themes:
Great teaching and learning opportunities for all in the partnership
Real life opportunities to develop an understanding of the wider world
Enthuse a love of learning and mutual respect
Academic development to nurture potential for all
Thorough accountability
Our Trust Vision and Values Statement:
The Great Heights Academy Trust strives to always provide an inspirational, positive and welcoming environment where there is a sense of pride and fun and where everyone works together with confidence, enthusiasm and mutual respect. We aim to nurture academic, personal, spiritual and social development in a caring and professional manner so that all achieve their full potential and all can reach GREAT heights.
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